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McKinley School of the Arts Year-Long Electives:
  • Associated Student Body (ASB) - Students will learn leadership, organizational, and public speaking skills while serving as an ASB officer. ASB students participate in planning all-team meetings and school events as well as completing community service and serve as representatives of the student body on behalf of MKS. Elections are required.
  • Band - 6th- 8th grade Band is combining beginning and intermediate levels students. The class is considered an exploratory course. It provides an opportunity for each student to make an attempt at instrumental music education. The Course is designed to offer students the basic elements of music playing skills in preparation for concerts and performances at school and at PUSD events. The elements of music theory and interpretation are introduced according to the level of technical playing proficiency.
  • Choir - Nothing But Notes! Choir students will develop range, tone, pitch, as well as performance and stage readiness skills. Choir students are also expected to perform in All-team meetings, school events, and have evening concerts that are included in their grade. Auditions required.
  • Drama - Students learn to be theatre artists using both improvised and scripted material. They learn to communicate to an audience using their voice and movement. They practice their craft through the rehearsal process and refine their ability to make strong choices to impact meaning in their performances.
  • Exploratory Spanish - Hola! Viva el Espanol! This course is an introduction to the Spanish language and culture. It is designed for students to explore Spanish, and develop beginning speaking, and comprehending skills while building vocabulary and learning about other cultures. Students will learn basic pronunciation, basic vocabulary including greetings, colors, days of the week, numbers, food, special holidays, and information about Spanish-speaking countries. Open to 7th/8th grade only.
  • Robotics - This is a class in the design and programming of various robots. Students will work in teams to learn the basics of coding, project planning, and engineering in this elective.
  • Dance - In the Fall of 2022, McKinley will offer a dance elective for middle school students. Additionally, our newly hired dance teacher will develop a schedule to provide dance to our elementary school students. 

McKinley School for the Arts Semester Electives:

  • 2D Art Printmaking & Photography (Fall or Spring) - 2D Drawing/Design is an introduction to the principles of design and drawing as they relate to two-dimensional elements and their composition on the pictorial surface. In this class, we will explore and build vocabulary in line, shape, composition, value, texture, and color. In addition, we will explore ideas that relate visual art to mathematics, touching on concepts involving scale, proportion and ratio, symmetry, and geometry.
  • 3D Printing & Sequential Art (Fall or Spring) - 3D Printing and the Engineering Business World: Be part of one of the fastest growing businesses today. Students will: Learn the Tinkercad and other 3D programs; Learn to 3D print their own designs; Learn the engineering process and practice problem solving by designing real-world 3D objects; Design and publish their own 3D business venture, business cards, website and advertisements; Learn graphic design and the principles and elements of art; Learn various editing and digital art programs.
  • 21st Century Communications (Fall or Spring) - Students will learn about modern presentations, online communications, social media etiquette, document collaboration, email writing, and more. This course will also engage students working on promotional communication marketing techniques for McKinley specific events and information.
  • Smart Money, Smart Students (Fall or Spring) - This elective focuses on helping students become money smart and empowered in three main areas: 1) distinguishing needs from wants, 2) making smart money choices and 3) saving for personal goals.
  • Fitness & Health PE (Fall or Spring) - This course will explore the components of healthy living through fitness and nutrition. Students will participate in physical activities and assess their fitness status to gain an understanding of how our bodies respond to exercise, and be able to identify behaviors, choices, and environments that impact their health. Students will be introduced to proper nutrition, as well as mindful meditation focusing on personal goal setting.
  • Office Practice/Student Aide (Fall or Spring) - This elective is offered to only 8th grade students and must be reviewed by the counselor for eligibility based on attendance and grades. Students will be responsible for duties either in the office or in an elementary classroom as a student aide.
  • Stage Craft (Fall or Spring) - Explore the technical side of theater! Build props, use power tools, design backdrops, lighting, sound, costumes, make-up and more.