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Rainy Day Plan

Please know that with an outdoor campus, getting wet will be inevitable when it is raining--as it is on any school campus when arriving or dismissing. I remind all families to send their children to school with umbrellas and rain gear.

Younger children are encouraged to bring a change of socks in their backpacks, should they be needed.

Even when there is precipitation, a normal school schedule is in effect and tardies will be enforced. Please plan your day accordingly to account for traffic. Absences related to the weather are not excused.

Unless your child is enrolled in the YMCA or Parks and Rec morning program, no student shall be on campus before 8:05. Gates do not open until 8:05am, so please know any student arriving early will be escorted to Parks and Rec and parents will be required to pay the fee. We do not want our children standing in the rain.


All elementary students are asked to report to the GYM in the morning. If you drop your child off by car or if they walk, please approach the school from the El Molino side. The pedestrian gates and Valet will be open to receive students.
Students entering from the Oak Knoll side of campus will be directed to the gym.
There will be designated sections for each grade level.
Middle grades students will be dismissed from the gym at 8:20 for class.
Elementary grades teachers (ETK-5) will pick students up from the gym and escort them to class.


Breakfast will be served as usual. At 8:05, all middle grade students eating breakfast will be dismissed from the pergola.
At 8:30, all elementary breakfast eaters will be dismissed to meet their teachers in the gym.


If it is raining during the day and there is wind, students will be relocated to the multi-purpose rooms for indoor lunch and recess. We have indoor lunchroom furniture ready for set-up, should it be needed.
During recess breaks, students are encouraged to bring books, draw, play games with friends, or play indoor games--depending on their grade levels. The gym and three multi-purpose rooms are available. Sorry, we do not show movies during recess time.


If it is raining at dismissal, we will follow normal dismissal routines. The Valet area is the safest area for dismissing students. Please ensure your child is enrolled in the Valet program. Any student still on campus at 3:50 will be escorted to Parks and Rec. There is a fee for students being cared for by this program.