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McKinley's Annual Fund

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New Online Donation Link! Please note that you must designate that your donation will go to the McKinley Annual Fund on the final page prior to check out!
What is the Annual Fund?
Over the last several years, state budget cuts have decimated PUSD's budget, especially in the arena of the arts. Because of restrictions on the way that PTAs can spend their money, McKinley and many other schools in the PUSD district have started Annual Funds so that they can raise money to try to offset the impact of these budget cuts without having to follow the restrictions imposed by the PTA. (For example, money raised through the Annual Fund can work to support the salaries of the music and art teachers, an expense that is restricted by the PTA bylaws.)
Where does the money go?
Over the past three years, we’ve used the money we’ve raised for the Annual Fund to pay for:
·       Our fantastic theater productions, including sets, costumes, and licensing fees
·       Choir classes for K-8
·       Armory arts teachers
·       Art consultants for every grade level
-       Long-Term Goal: Renovate the Auditorium
But none of this is possible without your support.
With your contribution of $35 per child, we can continue these programs.
With your contribution of $70 per child, we can add to these programs to build more art instruction into our curriculum.
Whether your donation is large or small, your donation will make a difference. Please take a moment to donate now!